Credit Union Insurance - Winners

Carminder Summer Sizzle Promotion 2014 - Weekly Winners


Take a look at the lucky credit union winner's who won the lucky prize of $200 worth of MTA Vouchers for just simply being a member of a credit union and having their Car Insurance with Credit Union Insurance!

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From top left: Rachel McGovern, Insurance Manager, First Credit Union presenting a very grateful Coralee her prize, the week 3 winner was an NZCU Baywide memberJohn Lanyon, Insurance Manager, Credit Union Insurance presenting the vouchers to a very happy Ronda and Terry Clements, Internal Auditor for Westforce Credit Union presenting Hugh with his prize.

From bottom left:  Rachel McGovern, Insurance Manager, for First Credit Union presenting Sandy with his prize, David Trott, Manager of Credit Union Central handing Gaylene her well deserved prize, Toni receiving her prize from Heather Bates, NZCU South and lastly, Philippa Wills, General Manager for NZCU Rotorua presenting the lucky Murray Martin with his vouchers. 

Congratulations to all of our fantastic winners of the Credit Union Insurance Carminder Summer Sizzle Promotion!


Keep an eye out for more lucky winners of our great Carminder promotions throughout the year!